• 游戏类型:赛车竞速
  • 游戏大小:19.1M
  • 标签: 竞速 赛车 单机
  • 游戏版本:1.0.0
  • 更新时间:2023-03-21
  • 运营商:
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    狂飆賽車的故事發生在洛聖都,一座充斥著罪惡的繁華都市,你是一名被黑幫老大陷害入獄的頂尖車手,獲釋後為了復仇重新踏上了地下賽車之路。在最刺激的3D直線加速賽車遊戲中,統治全城,成為街頭賽車傳奇! 遊戲中擁有約20輛由全球著名廠商生產的賽車進行比賽,從入門級肌肉車到著名傳奇跑車。這裡還擁有一應俱全的改裝來升級你的戰車,激發車輛潛能,打造屬於你的外觀和性能都獨一無二的超級賽車。每週都可以與世界各地玩家進行線上競速,贏得豐厚報酬和無上榮譽。 遊戲特色: - 真實刺激的賽車駕駛體驗 - 精緻震撼的3D遊戲畫面 - 19+夢幻跑車 - 50+改裝升級套件 - 全球玩家聯機競速 --- This is Furious Car Racing, the ultimate drag racer in the city streets! Build, Race, and Tune your car until it's at the absolute peak of its performance to dominate the gang city. Compete in career mode and work your way from rookie to pro by defeating the grand auto gangsters in the city of San Andreas. Then take it online and go up against the best around the real world in online multiplayer play! No need for car theft now, the stakes are high and the risk is real in this game. Back you bets to be as fast as possible unless you are prepared to lose! Game Features: - Stunning 3D graphics and streamlined controls - Find the optimal tune for your car with hundreds performance parts - Full customization for your cars including paint, plates, wheels and etc. - Live opponents of real racing competition in Underground mode